If you are reading this, it's not at all by happenstance that you received one of our flyers. We prayerfully requested that each is handed out exactly where God ordained them to be, to bless each and every individual that comes into contact with them. We know without a doubt that God predestined us to cross paths, and our intent is to be the biggest blessing we can possibly be to you! We apologize for the interruption, but it's to bless you not distract you with spam! We want you to know that every link on this flyer is full of God's life-transforming power. It's taken years of sacrifice and hundreds of hours to pack all of this into one small place of opportunity. Every bit of it is designed to bless you in every way possible. FTP has and always will be known for its irrational generosity! All that we ask is that you take the time to open your heart up and read the first 20 pages of this free book! We know that if you dedicate yourself to even reading one chapter, that it has the power to transform your life in ways you may have never thought, dreamed, or imagined! Just click the link below for your free copy of Godfidence and be blessed!