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We know everyone has a fight, but at FTP Fight Club you’ll never have to fight alone again! FTP Fight Clubs are designed to bring groups of people together from all walks of life to focus on God, family, and their local community. In this book, we take scripture and put it into action through a 12-round rally cry to mobilization.  Every chapter is designed to help you grow closer to God, and take what you've learned and put it into action. We believe this is what discipleship is all about!


You can start a fight club at any time, and people can join a club at any time. This book provides a step-by-step self-paced structure, designed for you to complete each chapter before moving on to the next. The no-rush format allows each person to learn, know, and grow at the pace God intended. Every time you gather no two people will generally be at the same place at the same time. This allows for amazing conversations to take place, and value to be added in more ways than you can imagine.  


It's our prayer to see Fight Clubs all across the world in countless locations! We cannot wait to see what kind of impact each of you makes in the lives of people in every nation! We know that God brought you to this page for a reason, and we are believing that you'll partner with us to finish the mission of The Great Commission! Every nation, Every tribe, every tongue, until His Kingdom comes! 


Purchase your copy today!

If you cannot afford a copy contact us and we will send you a free digital download of the book directly to your email! 

So how do you start? 

Anyone can start a fight club right where they are! It’s as easy as gathering a group together, choosing how often you will meet, grabbing a copy of FTP Fight Club, and getting started by registering your new Fight Club Below! 

What if there is not a Fight Club

in my area?

We would ask that you thoughtfully and prayerfully

considerstarting a Fight Club yourself. We know some of

you may be hesitant, but remember, where two or more are gathered God is present! He knows your heart and understands where you are at, and you already know your city needs an FTP location!


Don't overthink it, leave room for his spirit to lead you! Meet at a coffee shop, your favorite restaurant, a parking lot, your backyard, or even an existing church location! We will be providing you with access to virtual group meetings every week! If God gave you the will he is gonna make the way! Start by reaching out today, you'll be amazed at how much can happen in just a year! 

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Fight Club
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